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Our Pages did arouse your interest and you want to get into contact with us?

… this pleases us very much and we promise already by now to you that you will not regret it if you like to spend a restful – but nevertheless excitingvacation in our familiar run Hotel.

Please use our Menu bar at the left for specific questions or just contact us directly via E-mail, etc.

Familie Ebenhoch
Gschrifterstrasse 9
Germany - 87629 Füssen Weißensee

Telefon: +49 8362 / 6822 or 940161
Telefax: +49 8362 / 940137



General Info

All our guests get the KönigsCard for free when staying at our Hotel.
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New - New - New:
3 hours of skiing per day for free for you - using the KönigsCard!
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Landhaus-Pension Seehof | Familie Ebenhoch | 87629 Füssen-Weissensee | Deutschland